Monday, February 27, 2017

This week I want to go back to my previous post about middle school bulletin boards.  My current bulletin board this year relates to the district’s encouragement of growth mindset.  Growth-mindset is believing that you can do better, having faith in yourself that you are able to overcome your mistakes to do well and that their intelligence can be developed.  With the special education population that I work with, I feel that growth mindset is the key to success.  Many students who have a disability, by the time they reach 14, have decided that they just can’t “do school”.  That no matter what they do, they are never going to be successful.  Keeping these students positive and optimistic can be a big challenge. 

Here is the current bulletin board I have displayed in my room.  Unfortunately because I have a small office, this is the only bulletin board that I have so I can only show one thing at a time.

I chose this growth mindset bulletin board for my classroom because I think that these negative thoughts are ones my students have all the time and I want them to be able to think differently and not give up on themselves.  

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