Tuesday, April 25, 2017

This week we are beginning our district’s annual high-stakes testing.  Our students have to take two days of each; ELA, Math, and Science.  It is spread out to three weeks, two days per week, and it’s going to be a long few weeks!

How do you prepare your students for high-stakes testing.? My students are in middle school, so this is their sixth year doing testing like this.  They seem to go on autopilot, they just want to get through the test and on to whatever is happening later in the day.

With math we work really hard to cover the whole year’s worth of curriculum before the beginning of May when they take the test because we have no idea what topics will be on the test this year and which won’t.  We want to at least expose the students to everything to make them more prepared for the test. 

For ELA, I do a lot of modeling.  I go on the state's website and I look for the releases of the previous years' testing.  With the students we work together to use all of our strategies to go through the test, preceding questions, underlining evidence, crossing out answers that we can eliminate.  And I just hope that when seated in the class while taking the real test, they remember some of this stuff and use it on the test.

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